Truants' Alternative and Optional Education Program

Contacts: (618) 684-4890
Barry Ancell
Daron Chandler
Shanda Sylwester
Marsha Conley, Truancy Support

Truants’ Alternative and Optional Education Program (TAOEP) provides supplementary services that provide students enrolled in the regular school program with supports that are needed to increase their attendance rates or prevent them from dropping out of school.


An officer will make home visits, school visits, do counseling and make referrals to various social service agencies. When necessary they will hold a monthly Truancy Review Board (TRB) meeting, Hearing board meetings and make referrals to the State Attorney’s office for being in violation of school truancy laws.

If attendance remains low after the first round of visits and social service referrals, students and their parents (guardians) will be called before the County Truancy Review Board.These boards are made up of ROE staff, school personnel, social service representatives and various other community members. The TRB members make suggestions and offer help in overcoming obstacles to good attendance. They also may dictate specific behavioral patterns that they think will help with attendance. After the TRB, if the poor attendance pattern continues, the student and parents (guardians) will be summoned to appear before a Hearing Judge, who will basically order them to attend more regularly. The last step is a referral the County States Attorney office for prosecution.

Truancy definitions:

– a child subject to compulsory school attendance and who is absent without valid cause
from such attendance for a school day or portion thereof (one unexcused absence).

Chronic truant or habitual truant
– a child subject to compulsory attendance and who is absent without valid cause from such
attendance for 5% or more of the previous 180(9 or more) regular school attendance days. (Previous includes the past school

Potential attendance problems
– any student subject to compulsory attendance and whose school absences or pattern of school
 attendance impeded the student’s learning or contributes to the student’s failure to meet Illinois Learning Standards and/or district
 learning standards. If a student falls into any of the above categories, the student needs to be immediately referred to TAOEP.

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