What is the difference between Renewal and Registration?

The renewal process involves teachers who have actively taught in public schools in the 5-year cycle. After the certificate is renewed it must then be registered. The renewal form (73-98) and registration form (73-10) may be turned in to the ROE at the same time, even though the processes are separate. Non-public school teachers may or may not be required to participate in the renewal process depending upon local policy. Individuals who have not taught in a public school in the 5-year cycle, (i.e. substitutes, retirees) need only to register their certificates.

Our office will be happy to come to your schools to renew and register certificates that expire June 30, 2014. Call Melinda to
schedule these on-site visits. Also, teachers and administrators should call (618-687-7290) if they have any questions or if they need additional information.