The fingerprinting requirement (PA 93-909) states that all certified and non-certified employees new to the district must undergo a criminal history background check from both the Illinois State Police and the FBI.  Bus drivers and substitute teachers are also required to authorize a criminal history background check. Volunteers and Student Teachers are printed under the Adam-Walsh Act.

  ROE #30 hosts a list of eligible substitute teachers that is available for public and private schools.  If an individual is on our sub-list, the results of the fingerprinting process as well as their health form will be filed in the Regional Office of Education.  This information can also be shared with districts.
Individuals interested in being included on the substitute list need to contact the ROE Office (618-684-4890).  Substitutes are required to have a valid teaching license, background check, and physical form to file with the ROE. Substitutes are responsible for the $55 fee for the background check.

District Employees:  
At the district request, the Regional Office of Education will fingerprint new employees at cost to the district.  Please follow the steps below:

Step One:  The district will complete the authorization form.  This from must be sent with the employee to be fingerprinted and must be signed by the Superintendent of the district.

Step Two:  Employee should call the Regional Office of Education – Murphysboro (618/684-4890) to schedule an appointment.  The employee will be required to complete paperwork before their prints can be captured.  This process takes at least 30 minutes.

Step Three:  The new employee comes to the Regional Office which is located at 819 Walnut Street, Murphysboro to complete the Authorization for Fingerprint Conviction Inquiry.  The employee must also bring your driver's license.  The employee will be fingerprinted and a photo will be taken. 

Step Four:   The results will be sent to the authorizing district.

Other Professionals: These requesters, including volunteers, student teachers, and bus drivers, follow the same steps as a district employee when completing a fingerprint background check.  However, a fee will be collected at the time of the capture.  This fee is $55.  We do not accept Credit or Debit Cards.